Thursday, January 13, 2022

Nakaseke Public Library Wins EIFL Innovation Award

 The News has come out from that Nakaseke Public Library is among the Three Public Libraries to win the Innovation Award for supporting Education recovery in the community during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Monday, November 15, 2021

Will Boda Boda Riders adheres to Traffic Rules?

Nakaseke Traffic Police Department has embarked on sensitizing  Boda Boda Riders in Nakaseke District. According to Namei Peter  the Traffic Officer, he informed the Boda Boda riders  to always respect all the Road  Traffic rules for their safety. Among the rules were;

  • Carrying more than one Passenger on the motorcycle
  • Tilting  and poor positioning of   Number plates 
  • Riding without wearing  Helmets

  • Riding without a road License 
  • and placing stickers on the Number plates and among others 

Boda Bada Riders requested  the Officers to give them some time to enable them put everything  right  because most of the requirements were very tuff and it requires them money of which they don't have because  they have not been earning due to COVID 19. They  also raised their complaints to some Police officers and Crime preventers who arrest them and extort money out of them in the night.

The Office  Traffic assured them that all their operations are know at their office and if they are being arrested  by any imposter  especially  those who steal Police Uniforms and use  them to robe people the Should be reported immediately.

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Nakaseke Library supporting Rural Women with Clean Energy Cooking Solutions

 Nakaseke library has introduced a new community Outreach project to address the issue of climate Change through Clean  Energy Cooking Techniques.

The main objectives of this project was to;

  1.  Introduce Rural women to new Clean energy Cooking stoves.
  2. Build capacities of the Rural Women in the construction and maintenance of the Cooking stoves . 
  3. Empower women to save to learn to save fuel and time

 The Library worked  the TOT instructor  trained by JEEP -Uganda to pass over the skills to other women in the community. So far, the 10 homes have benefited from the project  and Women are very happy with it.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Introducing Digital Literacy Skills to Libraries in Uganda

National Library of Uganda  in partnership with EIFL, Maendeleo Foundation and Peer-2-Peer University have organized a one week Digital Literacy Training to empower Librarians from 25 Libraries in Uganda. 

After the Training Librarians are expected to introduce Learning Circles  to Women and Youth. the Project is targeting  to train about 13500 Youth and Women across the Country.

Nakaseke is one of the benefiting Library in this project. If you are living around Nakaseke  and you are interested in acquiring Digital Skills please feel free to come and register.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020


I am Nakiyimba Phiona 16 years old , a Catholic by religion. I am a daughter of Mr. and Mrs Kyeyune Edward the chairman LC11 Nakaseke Lufula zone in Nakaseke Town Council .My mother sells clothes in order to earn a living. I am the third born in the family, I have other six siblings namely Kenneth, Derrick Angel, Vanessa and Jonah is the last born aged 8 years.
I go to Mazzoldi College School in Nakaseke and I am in form three. My ambition in life is to study hard and become a midwife to help mothers when giving life. It is also my desire to be a computer wizard too. However, I am always discouraged by my parents! They really wish me the best in life but due to lack of enough financial support they always tell me that they won’t be able to support me in that career! I really want to study had in order to change my family financial background.  
Recently in the month of March, 2020, during the national presidential address on covid-19 he announced the closer of all schools, churches, and shops. However, essential services like banks, hospitals, radios and TVs were left open.
  I am blessed to live in an area which has a library, this community library it not so much far away from my home. During the first two months of the lock down I used to help my parents in the farm. However, this kind of work was boring without any reading. I decided to visit the library to find out if it was open and borrow some books to read from home and use the computers. Lucky enough, I found it open and I was warmly received by the librarian.
I asked my parents to always allow me to visit the library hmmm! My father was negative about my idea that I will get COVID from there. However my mother was on my side that’s when I started visiting the library. The library has text books, newspapers, novels, computers, internet and many more things you can think of which enables one to study.
I really loved to learn how to use a computer, I was enrolled and I study with other children; Babirye Jane and Nakato Joweria. We have learnt: power point, Microsoft word, picture editing I can use the internet to learn online.
I now feel happy because my time during covid-19 is not wasted I also do encourage other parents to allow their children to visit the library. However, children have to take precautions of covid-19 that’s to say, wear masks, observe social distancing and regularly wash their hands before they enter the library. For sure, the library has greatly changed my life!

Wednesday, January 15, 2020


Mr. Ssekiranda telling his Fish farming experience 
Mr. Ssekiranda showing a demostration how to feed Fish
 Nakaseke Radio 90.2 FM in its outreach program, managed to reach out to Mr. Kiranda Samuel a 40 year old farmer in Kiwembe Zone. Kiranda is a fish farmer with an experience of over 20 years, the knowledge he acquired from Egypt 🇪🇬 courtesy of sponsorship from the former Vice President Gilbert Bukenya. In his farm he mainly rears cat fish and Tilapia. He tell us his parent Stoke was 5,000 donated by the district where he has managed to expand his farm to 12 ponds. He says keeping fish is easy not too difficult like rearing other animals. He earn between 14-15 million per pond a year. He feeds his fish 3 times a day and he is supported by the family members especially the children. He is proud of his business because it saves time and it has helped him pay fees for his children, feeding his family and meet the primary health care. He advises farmers willing to venture into fish farming to always first get the training from experienced farmers.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Promoting Early Child Literacy Program using Digital Readers

The National Library of Uganda in partnership with World Reader, AfLIA, Uganda National Curriculum Development Center ( NCDC) and Local Publishers organized a One week Hands on Training to 20 Librarians  selected from Public  and Community Libraries from two regions to promote the LOCAL Digital Literacy Project.
From Central Region the following Libraries were chosen to promote  digital literacy using the local Language ( Luganda)
  1. Masaka
  2. Nakaseke Public Library
  3. National Library of Uganda
  4. Zigoti
  5. Kawempe Youth Center

And from the Western region  Runyoro Rutoro Language was considered and represented by;

  1. Masindi Public Library
  2. Hoima
  3. Kabalore
  4. Kabwooya
  5. Buseruka

The main agenda of this new project is to integrate Digital Reading  materials into Library services and to empower Librarians to Reach Out to Schools and Communities  with digital devices and books.
It is also believed that by promoting local language will enable the children to build enough vocabularies, increase their thinking and imaginations. It is also thought  that once children have a strong command of their local language will help them to learn better  the second language  ( English) and have a better informed society in the future.
Librarians have  also been introduced to the World Readers mobile Apps  which helps anyone with a Smart phone to read and download books for free.
In this project each Library is going to receive 50 e-readers  of which they will use to reach out to schools.  

Nakaseke Public Library Wins EIFL Innovation Award

  The News has come out from that Nakaseke Public Library is amon...