Nakaseke MCT is part of a series of piloted Telecentres established to test, disseminate and assess the impact and viability of MCTs in Africa as it was planned within the framework of the African Information Society Initiatives (AISI) and in the line with the Buenos Aires Action Plan
( BAAP) Programme No.9 on integrated Rural Development.The International Telecommunications Union (ITU),UNESCO and IDRC agreed to join efforts in partnering with the National and Local Organizations in the process to plan and support Telecentres.The partners in this project were both international and National, United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organizations (UNESCO) using DANIDA funds in trust, International Development Research Center (IDRC) and International Telecommunication Union (ITU) on one hand PLB now the National Library of Uganda, British Council in Uganda and the two Local Sub-Counties Nakaseke and Kasangombe. The project was executed by Uganda National Commission for UNESCO for a period of three years since December, 1997.

The Centre is located 65Km away in the North Guru Road from Kampala it is one hour and half drive. And 16 Km from Wobulenze the nearest Trading Center on the main Guru High way Road.
MISSION:To ensure that information Technologies are applied to stimulate and develop sustainable capacity for Rural development, reduction of poverty and minimize over dependency for a better livelihood of the Rural poor.
OWNERSHIP:The project is built on a strong foundation of management with 16 members selected from the local councils of Nakaseke and Kasangombe Sub-counties to represent the interest of the community members ( farmers, women, youth, educationist, the civil Society and the business community).

Nakaseke Community Multipurpose Telecentre and Library
Po Box.1051, Nakaseke Kapeeka Rd ( Uganda)

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