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AfLIA is an independent international not-for-profit organization which pursues the interests of library and information associations, library and information services, librarians and information workers and the communities they serve in Africa. It was established in 2013 and registered as an international non-governmental organization (NGO) under the laws of Ghana in October 2014.

AfLIA is the trusted voice of the African library and information community in Africa’s development.
Yes, it is the trusted African voice for the library and information community and drives equitable access to information and knowledge for all. The association believes in Professionalism and Inclusivity, Integrity, Transparency & Accountability, Innovation & Creativity Customer focused and Access to Information as a Human Right."John K. Tsebe | President, AfLIA"  
Nakaseke Community Library is proud to be part of the  African Library Association in achieving the above mission goals and objectives.  I am also delighted to inform you that I was appointed by the regional members to be their  Publicity Secretary for the Public and Community Libraries Section for the next two years. 

Delegation from Burundi

Nakaseke Telecentre on 20th September,2018 hosted a delegation from Burundi led by Mr.Ndarufatiye Theophili (Center) the Minister for higher Education accompanied by The Secretary General for UNESCO-Burundi Mrs.Nimbona Celine on left and Mr. Daniel Kaweesi ( Right) from UNESCO-Uganda. The delegation came to learn and share experience about Telecentres in Uganda and the possibility of replicating them in Burundi.

Promoting Early Child Literacy Program using Digital Readers

The National Library of Uganda in partnership with World Reader, AfLIA, Uganda National Curriculum Development Center ( NCDC) and Local Publishers organized a One week Hands on Training to 20 Librarians  selected from Public  and Community Libraries from two regions to promote the LOCAL Digital Literacy Project.
From Central Region the following Libraries were chosen to promote  digital literacy using the local Language ( Luganda)
  1. Masaka
  2. Nakaseke Public Library
  3. National Library of Uganda
  4. Zigoti
  5. Kawempe Youth Center

And from the Western region  Runyoro Rutoro Language was considered and represented by;

  1. Masindi Public Library
  2. Hoima
  3. Kabalore
  4. Kabwooya
  5. Buseruka

The main agenda of this new project is to integrate Digital Reading  materials into Library services and to empower Librarians to Reach Out to Schools and Communities  with digital devices and books.
It is also believed that by promoting local language will enable the children to build enough vocabularies, increase their thinking and imaginations. It is also thought  that once children have a strong command of their local language will help them to learn better  the second language  ( English) and have a better informed society in the future.
Librarians have  also been introduced to the World Readers mobile Apps www.read.worlderader.org  which helps anyone with a Smart phone to read and download books for free.
In this project each Library is going to receive 50 e-readers  of which they will use to reach out to schools.