ICT Participants Awarded Certificates

Youth who have been under intensive training in ICT have finally accomplished their training with the a ward of certificates. there is now no doubt that a Telecentre has added some value to the community.
The graduates have acquired the skills in the following packages ;
  1. MS- Word
  2. Spread Sheet
  3. Desk top Publishing
  4. Communication skills
  5. Trouble Shooting
  6. Repair and maintenance
  7. Web browsing
  8. and Typing skills.
The Center is using a National Curriculum and a locally generated training manual which is integrated with HIV/AIDS tips. The center works with a USA Peace Corp Volunteer to implement the curriculum.
The most interesting thing is that one of our graduates, shortly after the training she opened up a secretarial bureau in the Trading Center and the Business is progressing very well.
The center hopes to enorole more trainees from April to June as our second lot this year.