ICT -Connecting Rural Maginalized Communities

Nakaseke is one among the many Rural marginalized Communities in Uganda. However using the ITU funds Nakaseke has been connected on a wireless network using the Telecentre as the main Hub, now the distance has been brought to zero thus linking the Rural society to the globe village.
On the network we have 9 sites spread between Nakaseke and kasangombe Sub-Counties, most of the connected sites are Secondary Schools (4) , One Primary School, a Teacher's Training College, Nakaseke Hospital, and the Sub-county Headquarters.
The distance from the Telecentre to other connected sites ranges from 2 to 10 Km. and monitoring them is another challenge. However, the Ministry of ICT-Uganda has realized this challenge and donated a Motorcycle to help in the monitoring  process of the entire Network.

The Telcentre is now using the Community radio to Advertise the availability of the Internet to the community and also to educate community members how they utilize the service and change their livelihood. In this strategy we are focusing on training youth , Teachers, Students in Holidays and civil servants. To implement this goal we have also come up with a strategy of setting up a Weekend Training program to cater especially for the on going School Children and the civil servants to acquire the basic Internet and Communication skills.

The Center has also developed a training manual which integrates HIV/AIDS and ICT this achievement has been reached with the assistance of a Peace Corp Volunteer from USA. unfortunately the Center is lacking some funds for publishing. Therefore, we are looking for good partners who can help us in publishing this useful training learning material. I wish to share with you the document if you are interest in supporting the project. the main goal is to pass over HIV/AIDS information/ awareness to the public.