Namugenyi Alice popularly known as 'Mukwano' in her early 60's is a woman entrepreneur in Nakaseke Ssaza in Nakaseke District. Namugenyi is a competitive woman entrepreneur who makes a variety of products including Soap,cakes and making exercise books despite her beginning so small with only frying cookies to earn a living.She says she gained courage to venture in such businesses because she was scared of being poor and admired living a luxurious life where she could afford buying herself basic needs. Namugenyi has been able to buy herself a plot of land with a house plus paying  her children's school fees and has a dream of building a magnificent storied house that has never been built in Nakaseke District irrespective of the challenges she has gone through such as a fall in sales during school holidays when children are home for holidays plus the fluctuating prices of ingredients such as baking flour and sugar not leaving out the risk she faces of using local equipment when baking cakes.